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25-Oct-2017 00:14

Then I wrote a short Power Shell script to import this task to all machines on which to install updates: cmdlet and the imported XML file that contains the scheduled task on a list of computers imported from a CSV file.

So in the root of my build directory I have a file named with the following content: As you can see, I'm disabling a ton of stuff to make this build work, but that's not all.For instance, I wanted to install updates every second Thursday of the month on my pre-production systems, every third Monday on my test computers, and every third Thursday on my production system. Updates $Session = New-Object -Com Object Microsoft. First, I create the Installer object, and then I assign the value of $Search Result to the object's $Installer.The standard tools from Microsoft don't provide these options. Updates property to ensure installation of only the updates that meet my criteria. I'm saving the result of the installation into the $Result variable, so I can check whether to require a reboot after the installation. There is only one significant caveat of this script: It must run locally.The Sys Aid Server analyzes the results and then reacts according to the behavior you define.

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If the OEM agent is unable to communicate with the OEM agent proxy, an automatic failover is executed.The Power Shell script below uses the Windows Update Agent API that you can access through the $Criteria = "Is Installed=0 and Type='Software'" $Searcher = New-Object -Com Object Microsoft. Some Windows Update Agent tasks can run remotely, but tasks for downloading and installing updates have to run locally.