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10-Aug-2016 00:56

Doing routine files and folders tasks in Windows XP How to burn a CD in XP Playing DVDs made for other regions Simple suggestions to keep your computer running smoothly Password help Power saving tips Some FREE & really useful software everybody should have Links to some useful computer sites / articles Home page of Microsoft is no longer supporting Windows XP. Everything you need to know about Windows 8.1 is already available at WINDOWS 8.1 - Help, How To's, and Tips. This wizard helps you to backup or restore files and settings in your computer.

If you are still using XP your computer is no longer protected from thousands of dangers lurking in the cyberspace. In the event of a disaster, this utility can save you from a lot of trouble and protect you from losing your documents.

So why does anybody need a special software or utility to make copies? True, but for backup purposes we are making copies of hundreds or even thousands of files that are in our computer.

To make copies of all these files manually, will take tremendous amount of time and work. The backup utility automates the process once it is told exactly which files and folders need to be backed up.

And it makes copies of everything much faster than a human being can do manually.

Furthermore, if restoration of the files becomes necessary, the wizard or the software can do it much faster and accurately, putting back every file where it belongs. First plug-in a flash drive of fairly large capacity (say 32 GB) in one of the USB ports of your computer.

So get in the habit of always backing up your files so you can sleep peacefully at night.

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Maintaining the computer running XP What happened to Scan Disk?

But if you do, it is a good idea to buy an external hard drive and attach it to your computer to backup your system.