Xbox 360 media library not updating

16-Aug-2016 14:48

Playing an unpatched Assassin's Creed Origins was noticeably better on the X, with more consistent frame rates.Beyond that, the Xbox One X will enlist supersampling techniques to render more beautiful images on enhanced games, even on 1080p displays, and developers are taking advantage of the ability to include different graphics settings to boost things like frame rate and general quality over resolution, acknowledging that not At least for the games we have available now, the difference between a supersampled 4K image on a 1080p display is quite hard to discern, frankly.There are simply not enough pixels to showcase the full beauty of a 4K image on a 1080p display.You will see improvements to textures, foliage density, and draw distances, when developers focus their efforts on physical upgrades, rather than flat resolution bumps.Unlike purchasing a gaming PC, with a console purchase, you're also locking yourself into a specific storefront.

Throw in HDR lighting on a high-quality TV, and games like Gears of War 4 simply look vivid, next-gen, and almost frighteningly immersive.

The extra pixels pushed by the X produce crystalline scenery that showcases games at their absolute best.