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Mittlerweile ist bei jedem – auch in der Bevölkerung – angekommen, dass die Energiewende nicht nur bedeutet, einfach nur möglichst viel an Erneuerbare-Energien-Anlagen in kurzer Zeit zu zubauen.Die Strom märkte müssen um- und das Netz ausgebaut werden.· : A detailed look at the career of Mae West and her experiences on the stage and in film.The performances of Mae West are filled with quotes that are still floating around in today's culture.

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When I'm bad, I'm better." She is definitely communicating through this quote that she cares nothing about the rules of proper conduct regarding the accepted behavior of women. Finally, a quote by Mae West to a police officer, "Is that a pistol in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?She worked in vaudeville through her teen years learning the ways to impress an audience with seductive song, comedic and dance performances.In the early 1920s she wrote and acted in a play entitled Though the play ran successfully for about a year, Mae West served several days in jail on an obscenity violation brought on by some of the content in her play.Her birthplace was Brooklyn, New York where she lived with her father, Jack, who was a boxer and mother, Matilda, who once designed corsets for a living.

Mae showed natural talent as a dancer and singer at an early age.This will comprise of a weekly recaplet directly after the show, and then a full recap before the next ep airs.