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Introduction to international accounting as well as statement of cash flows.Prerequisites: ACT 101 or ACT 110 or successful completion of high school accounting or departmental approval.Exploration of practical methods of archaeological survey and excavation needed to learn about past civilizations and cultures. Special emphasis and discussion of current issues in cultural anthropology.Students will participate in a dig or survey project in St. Basic Arabic language skills includes speaking, listening comprehension, reading and writing, with emphasis on effective linguistic functioning in real situations. Prerequisites: ARB 102 or equivalent Follow-up to ARB 102.Exposure to some of the most popular accounting software used in the marketplace by small and medium sized businesses.

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Prerequisites: ACT 110 Introduction to relevant costs for decision making, controlling, contribution approach to decision-making, and absorption costing versus direct costing effect on income.

The life you live outside the classroom is as important to your education as lectures, papers and projects. We're as connected to our community as we are committed to our students. Emphasis on cash receipts, cash disbursements, accounts receivable and accounts payable.

Some assignments made using general ledger accounting software.

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You may not live on campus, but our campus has plenty of life. You don't have to be a student to be a part of the college. Basic concepts covered include double-entry bookkeeping and examination of basic financial reports such as the balance sheet, statement of owner's equity and income statement.

Emphasis remains on linguistic functioning in real situations. Students will take part in meaningful, functional communication that might be encountered in real life complex situations.

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