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Even society’s attitudes towards women who want to get into business are also discouraging and disempowering.“But I take great satisfaction that our organisation (Empretec) has mentored women who have become successful businesswomen in different sectors including such areas as energy, transport, construction and information communication technology, areas once dominated by men,” said Ms Bango.Empretec Zimbabwe, which was set up in 1992 as a joint initiative of UNDP and the Zimbabwe Investment Centre and eventually registered as a Trust in 1997, has to date trained more than 15 000 people.Police are now investigating if Nduna is the culprit behind a swathe of murders in Masvingo and other areas. There was a positive vibe in the capital Harare, not only because the electricity power supply in some homes had remained constant for close on two weeks (although such a basic need lifts spirits) but also maybe because parts of the city are sprucing up.She is determined to succeed in her endeavours.“Entrepreneurship is an inborn thing.

Like many women in her camp, Ms Bango has managed to redefine power by building her own business, joining the clique of the female populace in Zimbabwe managing successful enterprises.However, not many women have the same eagle’s view, because of a number of constraints, some which are cultural and remain heavily embedded within societies.