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We enquired about one additional blanket if available but could not have it as there was no additional blanket in the hotel.

The room had one attached bath and equipped with two room heaters along with enough lighting arrangement.

Moreover, he likes to travel also so he had chosen the profession by his own.

He also mentioned that he only takes good literate family members as his passengers.

Moreover, a little bit later sunlight also went off at evening.

The car was moving along a narrow road in a dark forest and we got very much scared. there was nobody outside there as that was winter time in that small hilly town.

However, we got very much familiar with him within an hour.

It is worthwhile to mention that our driver had very much similar figure with that of my hubby.

So we started for the small town at about 3-30 p.m. the branch road was very narrow and also have very steep gradient so he was driving very slowly.

We went to many doctors but almost all of them told that my hubby had lesser amount of sperm count and possibility of him to become a father is very less however, not impossible.

We tried many times and not used any condoms since then but not succeeded to conceive.

Our car stopped at the entrance and our driver told us to wait inside and went for a room enquiry.

He came back just two minutes later and told us that all the rooms were full and only a three bedded room was empty but that can be given to a family.Suddenly one idea stroked in my mind and i asked the driver whether he mentioned us as tourists to the hotelmen or not. Then i told both of them that we must get that room. I again told that they look like own brothers and so why not he (our driver) go to tell a lie to the hotelmen that he was accompanied by his brother and sister in law and get the room.

It is built amphitheatrically on the "Symbol" slopes of the mountain range.… continue reading »

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