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11-Sep-2017 12:08

This takes us to the last reason why dating is so hard for LGBTQ Christians. And then the queer Christian population is certainly smaller than that, you can imagine how dire the situation is. And it’s possible to stay friends, and other times not so much.Having shared religious beliefs and worldviews obviously helps tremendously when dating someone, regardless of sexuality. And on top of that, our potential mates are also our closest community and friends. And things shift, and friendship dynamic shifts, and again, You just need to step into it, hands open and eyes clear, acknowledging this all exists without being afraid of it.Hell, I wanna get married ASAP if I’m honest (slide into my DM’s if you’re interested).But I wonder if because we are looking at every relationship we get into as a potential life-long partnership that we unintentionally putting pressure ourselves and the people we’re dating to perform in some way. Things were going pretty well and because I was thinking too far down the road to quickly, I didn’t actually get to know him for who he was in the moment. Maybe we should just try to relax a little bit as we enter the dating world, and ya know, maybe don’t start imagining colors for your wedding after the first date?The queer Christian world is tiny, and it becomes both the home and the place where we want to find love. But what if you lose some friends when you and whoever breaks up? If I can tell you anything it’s this: Yes, it’s hard. Yes, it can be devastatingly heartbreaking at times. We’re all suffering through the suck that is dating. I feel like people just get good at being themselves in front of others. Honestly, you can listen to all the advice in the world, but no two scenarios will be the same. Now, go swipe right a bunch of times and get you a date for this weekend. And try not to take this stuff so seriously, mmkay?It’s an unwanted but very real situation that we experience. And what about people that you’ve dated before and they’ve dated before that you both know? And then some people jive with you and some people don’t. At the end of the day, you have to navigate these waters for yourself.

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Home Depot, Rona, there are lots of men there ladies, you can always ask for help, men love to help! Socializing is not brain surgery, we just need to take the initiative and remember just do it, with no expectations.It’s like we notice every guy or girl who walks by, and instead of the quick glance, we end up staring at a very cute stranger in the Target checkout line for a touch too long sometimes. You can’t give yourself a hard time for not being good at something the first few times you tried it, namely dating.