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20-Nov-2017 00:03

I found myself in the very lucky, very blessed position to have the time and the space to do these things.

Both of them are my loves and my life -- to make music and to make imagery.

What have you been able to explore through visual art that you’re not able to in music?

Music has been such a big exploration, one that was so unexpected.

So we did that just to take care of that mothership, pardon the expression.

But that doesn't mean a halting in the creative process.

At first listen, Brandon Boyd sounds starkly different as solo musician Sons of the Sea than as lead singer of alternative rock band Incubus.

On Sons of the Sea’s self-titled debut album, out Sep.

I figured I would be an illustrator or a fine artist or something, and I actually applied to art school after high school.

Part of it is that when we decided to take a hiatus from the road, there were a number of things at play that had brought us to that decision, one of which would be that we were just tired. We really felt if we didn’t come home and park this giant boat for a little while, it would start to leak at the edges.

Weird things start to happen to a boat when you don’t take care of it.

With Incubus, the core ideas usually start between Michael Einziger and myself.

After a basic musical progression, I’ll write lyrics and melodies to that.I think I actively decided it’s time to start compiling material about a year ago, and I started curating lots and lots and lots of sketchbooks, paintings, projects and things I had been doing.

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