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04-Nov-2017 17:09

I mean it’s really my choice and my business what I do, but the person I did tell about it was my best friend.

She thought it was pretty great and she is proud of me for being brave enough dive into a brand new career and make a success out of it. You mentioned going out with a guy who had tried out porn acting before you guys hooked up, so I have to ask if now that you are a legitimate porn starlet are you having luck with dating and relationships? I guess your personal and professional lives are both on a positive trajectory, huh? I mean if I had not gotten into this career who knows? But right now I am really excited about my career as an adult film actress and I am eager to see where this new journey takes me.

A year later I looked back on it and laughed, thinking how time flies when you are having fun!

Interview: So he didn’t tell you he had done some porn, do you tell people what you do for a living?

I know lots of people talk down about fast food industry gigs, but at that age and that phase in my life as a wage earner I really did like that job a lot. So what made you want to experiment with a career in porn?

Abby Cross: Believe it or not, I found out that the guy who was my boyfriend at the time had done a little bit of porn acting before we started dating.

He never told me, but I found out about it when I was cruising around on the Internet.

I thought to myself that if he could do it, I was pretty sure I’d be good at it, and so I decided why not give it a try?

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They are phenomenal actors and it would be a dream come true if I can wind up in a scene with those two.

In February 2016 she stars in a reality series called About the business.

In August 2017, it was announced that Marcille would compete in the first season of VH1's Scared Famous, which premiered on October 23, 2017.

Petite, sexy American porn starlet Abby Cross has not been in the industry all that long.

But with her amazing good looks and acting skills she has already gained a global following of fans – plus contracts with some of the stop adult movie studios.She also agrees that within the first year or so of her new career she has been on a wild ride – and she shares other insight into her busy life and successful career.

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