Who is dating kim novak

26-Mar-2017 08:05

They look like they were painted on to look like Groucho Marx but in a lighter color. Crawford adopted The Brows little by little as she went from sexpot to star to diva.

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Link to an imd B thread on the subject: VCNJ~ My mom told me a story about an actress that plucked all her eyebrows for a role and they never grew back so she always had to draw them on. I also remember those stencils for eyebrows and there were some for lips, too. I think that's -- it's exciting and fun to be part of other characters. KING: In fact -- and I believe in the early '50s, you were the No. NOVAK: If it was the right role, but I'm not going to wait around and look for it. KING: If you got the right role, would you come back? I want it all to be out there someday, but in the meantime, I like the idea of doing it the way I feel, totally expressing myself. NOVAK: Well, in between, I got an -- I sculpt, as well.

And so suddenly, the new house, building the new house became my new canvas. NOVAK: You know, I haven't because I want to be free to express myself in my way. I wanted to and I gave everything I had, but at the time, it seemed like people thought of me more as just the glamorous...

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