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Matt Czuchry played Rory’s handsome, charming, and filthy rich boyfriend Logan Huntzberger. Check out my other post about “Gilmore Girls,” which includes photos of the Dragonfly Inn, Independence Inn, Luke’s Diner and other buildings in Stars Hollow!

He now plays Cary Agos on the popular new drama “The Good Wife” (you can see my post about those sets here).

The show starts when 16-year-old Rory is admitted into the prestigious Chilton Academy for high school.

Lorelai, who now runs the Independence Inn with the help of her best friend, chef Sookie St. so she does the worst thing a fiercely independent woman could do, and asks her parents.

Emily and Richard agree to finance their granddaughter's education, but only at the cost of Friday-night family dinners.

The result is a mother-daughter drama, contrasting the Different as Night and Day relationship between Lorelai and Emily with the Heterosexual Life Partnership of Lorelai and Rory.

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The titular Gilmore girls are, more or less, two sides of the same coin.Others, like Paul Anka and Sparks, have had cameos or guest spots.