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02-Oct-2016 08:20

We Chat’s sheer convenience, however, is becoming a cause of stress for teachers and parents alike.

As the app gives group members the ability to respond immediately, many teachers feel pressure to be at parents’ beck and call 24 hours a day.

Now, however, it’s teacher-parent We Chat groups’ turn to come under fire.

With the start of the new school term in September, netizens came out in force to mock viral articles detailing the overdramatic, sycophantic behavior of the parents in these groups.

Today, however, the audio messaging and video chat functions on We Chat allow parents and teachers to talk to each other whenever and wherever they please.Unfortunately, it is unlikely that a pact aimed at admonishing parents for their role in creating this situation will resolve its underlying problems.In the last three or four years, the growing popularity of new communication tools like We Chat groups have reshaped the way parents and teachers interact and have exacerbated their feelings of anxiety, which frequently manifest themselves as extreme behavior.As these groups have become increasingly problematic, local education departments have found themselves forced to issue regulations to bring them under control.

Last month, the education bureau of Shanghai’s Jing’an District published a “Pact for the Creation of Middle and Elementary School Class We Chat Groups,” in effect banning all posts unrelated to students and schools, including advertising and red envelopes.In the course of supposedly normal interactions, parents will casually compete with one another, virtue signaling the high esteem in which they claim to hold their children’s teachers.