Using intuition in dating

04-Sep-2017 18:56

In order to find love, many people may need to change their notion of an ideal lover, or to make romantic compromises and be satisfied with someone who does not perfectly fit our given schemata.Consider the true story of Rosa, a single mother in her fifties, who said: "I am looking for perfection and I have been mistaken in my choices.But by asking ourselves questions like these, we can often hasten the process of figuring out whether our gut is just chattering or providing wise counsel.How many times do we think to ourselves, “Oh I just knew that was the wrong decision, but I didn’t listen to my gut.” How many people have you dated (and continued to see) even though there was that internal voice that said, “This won’t work.There’s no ironclad answer for every person and every circumstance.But as you’re trying to figure out how to decipher that small inner nudge, here are some important questions to ask yourself: 1. If your intuition and your rational thinking are telling you the same thing, you probably have nothing to worry about.Pay close attention when your intuition and people you trust are speaking in unison. Still, most of us know the stubborn truth down deep, though we may be unwilling to admit it to ourselves or anyone else. Flip through the pages of your memory and consider the times your intuition has kicked in.Ask yourself honestly if you’re fighting your intuition, even if somewhere inside you know it’s spot on. Did you follow your feelings too quickly and later regret your haste?

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Sometimes we need time to admit to ourselves that our intuition was right all along.

As Steve Jobs said: "As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it." The romantic intuition that is activated in loving someone before meeting them is somewhat similar to love at first sight.

However, while love at first sight mainly involves an activation of an aesthetic schema, the intuition in loving before actually knowing is broader and is a response to perceived admirable character traits.

Our individual and evolutionary history is embedded in these structures.

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Hence, we may be predisposed to love a certain type of person even before getting to know a specific individual.

This is the wrong person for you.” Intuition is an amazing gift from the universe that we often choose not to accept.