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Originalmeldung: Das Team hinter dem Wii Key hat überraschend einen neuen Modchip angekündigt – dieser heißt “Wiikey U”.Dieser soll Wii U- und Wii-Spiele von einem USB-Medium abspielen können. der Herstellerseite soll er mit allen Wii Us kompatibel und multilingual sein.The Wii Key was announced at the beginning of February 2007 and shipped at the end of the month.

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of the Nintendo Wii and by that they are enabling you to play copied games (iso files from torrents) and alos original and "backup" wii isos released in other regions.Like its current competitors, the Wii Key is installed onto the Wii's drive either by quicksolder or using six wires.The chip can then be updated through the use of a Setup Disc which can be downloaded from the chip's website.To open up the console, the following tools are required: The Wiikey team had released some Wii Key firmware updates.

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The patches are cumulative, so you need only to install the last version available.

A Wii System Update will add new features to upgrade your Wii console.