Updating photo gallery on windows

24-Nov-2016 05:01

Which photo editing program do you prefer using and why?

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To do that, insert the drive into your PC, click the Import icon at the top-right.

Retouch lets you quickly removes blemishes or pimples and smoothen roads.

The Photos app is no Instagram when is comes to adding filters, but it does contain a decent mix of six filters that can make your photos more dynamic. Check out these free websites to add effects to your photos. From here, you can adjust the brightness, contrast, highlights, and shadows of your photo by clicking and moving each option to the left or right (like a circular slider).

This basically analyzes your image and applies basic fixes to it.

These include making a blurry image sharper, enhancing the photo’s brightness, contrast, and so on.

Click the Enhance option at the top right to add the one-click fix to your photo.