Updating oracle db using servlet

07-Aug-2016 12:30

In this example, the simple servlet returns an HTML page that displays the text entered by the end user.

By default, DBCA performs the following tasks during installation: in the Oracle XML DB Repository.

For convenience, there is a PL/SQL API provided as part of the The schema location used depends on mappings in the Oracle XML DB configuration file for the namespace used and the root document element.

For example, assume that the document does not have the appropriate Oracle XML DB Repository treats certain files as XML documents, based on their file extensions.

At the start of each session, the current version of the configuration file is bound to that session.

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The session uses this configuration-file version for its duration, unless you make an explicit call to refresh the session to the latest version.You can perform a new installation of Oracle XML DB with or without Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA).