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12-Aug-2016 22:36

It is particularly helpful to compare the Makefile to the original one that was shipped with the system: %% diff /var/yp/Makefile /usr/lib/NIS.

Makefile If the files are substantially different, you should revert to the original, and see if that fixes the problem.

"Running /var/yp/Makefile..." "make: Fatal error: No arguments to build" "Error running Makefile." ... Copy it over before rerunning ypinit: # cp /usr/lib/NIS.

Makefile /var/yp/Makefile # cd /var/yp # ypinit -m Q: Why does 'ypinit -s' crash with the following error, when trying to initialize a slave: "can't bind for domain " A: Your slave was not running ypbind, or it does not have access to NIS currently.

There are a number of commands in Solaris that you can use to obtain information from and about the NIS database.

You can also use these commands to test the functionality of the NIS service.

Sun OS NIS clients, once bound to a NIS domain, will continue to use NIS and will not look at their local files for any lookups.

Q: Why does 'ypinit -m' crash with the following error: ...

You may also have problems if your slave server doesn't already have copies of the maps.See the first questions in section 4.3 for how to remedy this situation.

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