Updating bluetooth bluecore flash using iwrap

22-Feb-2017 08:27

ie base it around a macro that dereferences functions.

Advantages/disadvantages similar to Option A, although the separate functions will be more complex to write than for Option A (but no compiler changes).

HM-10 CC2541 Serial Bluetooth Module Bluetooth 4.0 Low Power Description: HM-10 CC2540 Bluetooth4.0 to UART Transceiver Module Central Peripheral. If you're buying a serial module, beacon or whatever you're trying to do with it except for pair with it do some googling and you'll know what to look for.

Bluetooth to uart transceiver Module Central Peripheral HM-10 CC2540, aspport Central and Peripheral mode switch, modify by AT commander. It can't be connected to via serial BT to issue any AT commands or connected via UART to change any aspect of it.

It'd be nice to store string literals in SPI flash (irom), but irom requires 4-byte aligned word reads..

These are the options that I know of, with a summary from my point of view: Suggested by @pfalcon, add a compiler frontend attribute that forces all pointer access to go via 32-bit aligned reads. Disadvantage of requiring separate functions to propagate the attribute, due to C's type system, and requiring gcc changes to front-end and back-end. This is a suggestion based on Option A, which is that it would be possible to implement Option A just in terms of existing gcc primitives.

updating bluetooth bluecore flash using iwrap-43

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And handling unaligned l16 in the backend doesn't seem feasible as gcc data movement patterns are not allowed to use temporary registers.

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