Twins dating same man

22-Oct-2016 13:56

The pretty twins eat similar food in the same portions and abide by the a strict exercising routine.If one of the twins walks more miles per day, the other makes sure she covered a similar distance, as they need to burn an equal amount of calories.The sisters state Ben perfectly understands their need to be always together because he is a twin himself.Ben is a fitness fanatic and an electrical mechanic.Identical twins Anna and Lucy De Cinque share everything – clothes, hairstyles, cosmetic enhancements, phone numbers, even a boyfriend. And the extent of their surgeries are very, um, inflated.

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My mates reckon it's a cool problem to have.”The identical siblings insist they have to be together 24/7 and have had matching lip fillers, DD breast implants and fake eyebrows to look more alike.Anna and Lucy De Cinque have been dubbed the “world’s most identical sisters” after splashing out £130,000 on matching cosmetic surgery procedures.The 31-year-old twins share everything: the same outfits, the same mobile phone and even the same man.They also follow the same exercise routine and keep an identical diet.

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The two started a You Tube channel to talk about their life.The heroes started living together as a threesome in the house of the sister’s mother Jeanna, reported Daily Mail, which adds another unusual aspect to the story.