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15-Feb-2017 18:47

Media outlets in South Korea reported today that TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho and actress Seo Ye Ji were dating each other.

They stated that the two got acquainted through current airing MBC TV Mon-Tue drama ‘Diary Of A Night Watchman,’ and progressed from colleagues into a couple.

The two also dated cautiously on their off days.” An affiliate from the drama said, “Everyone noticed from the earlier phases of filming that the two seemed to be dating, but they just kept quiet about it.

Their relationship could have affected the overall mood at the film site, and they also have different lovelines in the drama.

Spring 2001 – Meet at SME Audition Jaejoong hears that SME is holding try-outs from Teacher Namgung. Summer – Become Friends Yunho slowly breaks the barriers Jaejoong still has around from his bad boy days.Yunho declares himself a pre-law major while Jaejoong is undecided. Yoochun asks Jae if he and Yunho are dating because of the way they act around each other. Jae ends up focusing on composing and song writing. Yunho is afraid of their reaction like he is with his own parents, namely his father. (“We thought you two have been dating for years.”) Jae says the Jungs deserve to know the truth about their son, or Yunho’s life will become a lie. Employment and Family Ties Yunho tells his parents about his relationship with Jaejoong over the phone. Jung can’t accept it and wants nothing to do with his son. He also becomes closer with the Kim family and spends more time with them then he does his own family.

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