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29-Jun-2016 03:07

Long after we had kissed and made up and vowed to leave the past in the dark shadows of the past, I kept talking about it. thing again and again and again, let me assure you, you're acting toxic AF.Look kittens, we all make mistakes in this life, both big and small.Bottom line: You want to create a safe space where your partner can be open with you about anything in the world. It's impossible for your partners to feel safe about telling you vulnerable secrets, if they're afraid to tell you day-to-day simple things.If you feel like you're the innocent victim of every single fight, you, my lovely dear, don't have any self-awareness.People contradict themselves, they're hard as hell to figure out and they don't always make sense. Either take your partner with his or her quirks, flaws, salacious behavior and wild opinions or set them free.Because otherwise robbing them of finding someone who will love them exactly as they are. Her paranoid eyes darting around to each one of us, before landing on me. So I've put together a few key components that might help you see the realities of your relationship a little more clearly. Is their knee-jerk response to fib because you've screamed at them so many times or have irrational issues regarding their personal relationships with their friends? Shit."Zara," she said, saying my name threateningly slow. "I could feel a spark of rage fire up inside my body. I'm sick of listening to you scream at that sweet boy Ryan like a goddamn crazy psychopath in front of and then going around telling us he's the evil one. It can feel almost impossible to tell what the hell is what. Have you not created a safe environment for them to be honest and real?

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Article coming soon about our responsibility as avoiders in this dynamic).When my ex-girlfriend and I got into a fight, I would genuinely think it was all her fault, when really I was the one to blame 99 percent of the time. I mean, if you're unaware of your faults, how can you ever be aware of anything?