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toughenupbutterup depthoverego qsg conqueringbarbell conquertheweights squatpresspull powerlifting America, Anaconda, and Apparently: shared RECall's video August 5 at pme Why motorcycles should be banned/illegal in America #banmotorcycles 15,987,229 Views RECall added a new video Like Page July 25 at am e Like -comment β†’ Share I dont think they should be banned, but there is a lack of responsibility when it comes to people riding sport bikes. That's really rough Like Reply Yesterday at am 100 years ago the life expectancy for a male was 48 now its roughly 70 something, kinda funny how much smarter we were 100 years ago when motorcycles werent that popular Like Reply Yesterday at am Bye Felicia Like Reply 1 Yesterday at am Cant blame the vehicle for operator errorfoutside elements That's like blaming guns for gun violence Like Reply 1 Yesterday at am I'm pretty sure all of these guys would still be in perfect health, like they were before they got on their MOTORCYCLE!So, good luck in life with whatever the two of you fucked up individuals do Like Reply 13 hrs For the record, you will not be remembered in her kingdom. WELL LEMME SHOW YOU SOME *REAL* VENOM ESSAY SAY KHELLO TO MY LEETO FRIEN! I TRUST THAT I HAVE CLEARED UP ANY CONFUSION, CHEERIO! LET' S MAKE SURE TO GIVE HIM A WARM MONTANA WELCOME 😁." All I wanted to do was pee, now my dick getting ate by several rattlesnakes wearing bandanas, creased khakis and Nike Cortez walking shoes. I'm dying cold and alone while these rattlesnakes have a cook-out grilling carne Asada while Analisa and Consuela show off they new tattoos next to my dying carcass. I was told to come see the crazy train leaving the station and boy he was right. I didn't mean to offend you." Bubbles said in a mocking tone as she walked towards the kitchen. Sweet dreams you sad bitch, love You Which doesn't make sense because Monday's aren't that bad..Cheer up buttercup tomorrow is what you make it. A RINGESS POPPY PRINCESS BUTTERGUP PIC COLLAGE ADOPTABLE/FOSTERS NEEDED! Ifyou actually think motorcycles and profanity should be banned you have issues. A little girl isnt going to know what can be banned and what cannot. You think you're some smart little brain wiz because you go to college, please. Like Reply 11 hrs #bangreenlights I guess Like Reply3 10 hrs #bangreenlights Like Reply4 10 hrs Good grief people she has a right to an opinion right or wrong. " "Honestly, I could give less of a shit about my attitude." Bubbles said. Blossom could not believe what she was seeing; what she was hearing. O oldschoolcool 20m You have been temporarily muted from r/Old School Cool You will not be able to message the moderators of r/ Old School Cool for 72 hours. Please Like Reply 1 14 hrs Get off my page if you dont like my principles Like Reply 14 hrs How is it not? Anywhere and everywhere you go, you can see someone smoking. Like Reply 1 15 hrs That isnt even remotely the same concept. If l am unconscience and need penicillian, I am unable to tell them, therefore I have my reaction.Christmas, Funny, and Girls: ayo im just realising now how rude all the damn powerpuff girls were i mean i was just watching the christmas episode and buttercup was writing her list to santa and all that ungrateful wench wrote at the top of her list as an opening was GIMME buttercup you little shit Gif, Lol, and At&t: .AT&T It happens Really does it tho? We were still on the subject of cigarettes and banning stuff off of your dumbass opinions. There is no need to prove anything to you, I dont even know you, and yes, I'm guessing you smoke and that's why your little Barbie panties are all in a twist, but get over it, you know I'm right when I say it is only a habit and it would be more probable to be banned than an actual "life saver" such as penicillin Like Reply 14 hrs Okay, one Ive stated I enjoy a cigarette. And three, you're a waste of space and time Good-bye Like Reply 2 14 hrs Im a "waste of space? Apparently you dont have anything better to do but to comment that people are "a waste of space" on their on person account.

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Veronica Santangelo Pear "Buttercup" Butter Guess what I just found out? VOTE FOR TRUMP TEACH A TRUMP TRUM TRUMP VOTE FOR TRUMP DONALD TRUMP PRESIDENT 2016 0. Like I was thinking to myself "that couldn't be you." Then I noticed you were snooping around a lot and went towards the kitchen, figured that you were investigating my trap that I setup. Also, why are you wearing that outfit: a black overcoat and sunglasses in doors… If you dont like to drink or smoke does that mean ban those cause you dont like it if it has killed or injured someone you know? That's slowly killing you, let's ban all nonhealthy foods. No pun intended considering you're a liberal with the whol "trump" thing Like Reply 16 hrs I love Trump. And since l am allergic to cigarette smoke, yes, I wish it were banned. Just as if it were reversed, you would say the same thing Like Reply 16 hrs I dont want penicillian banned just because I'm allerginc to it. You can choose to seperate yourself from cigarette smoke. @conquertheweights @conquertheweights @conquertheweights . toughenupbutterup depthoverego qsg conqueringbarbell conquertheweights squatpresspull powerlifting Bad, Dogs, and Dude: Ban bad owners not good dogs BAD NOT GOOD DOGS HOMEBOY IN THE BLACK T SHIRT BLACK PANTS BLACK CHUCKS BLACK CONDUCTOR HAT AND BLACK SUNGLASSES WITH THE LENGTHY GOATEE CHIN HAIR IS LITERALLY THE DUDE FROM MY CAPTIONS WHERE I DO THE VATO VOICE "if Jew got a prollem with peet bools essay Jew got a prollem with ME, buttercup" YOU' RE WELCOME πŸ‡²πŸ‡½πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Bad, Memes, and Guess: TOUSHEN UP BUTTERCUP. Squat is bad for your knees, deadlift is bad for your back and bench pressing is bad for your elbows. Yesterday at am Like-Reply or I just want to say l'm not bashing or jumping on anyone, I was just voicing my opinion as well. Like Reply Yesterday at am ustvolcing my opinioraw Just my 2 cents, anyone else notice some of these, if not most, werent in America? Simple as it gets Like Reply 1 22 hrs A Hide 34 Replie:s I would actually love it if every single thing you listed were banned! Like Reply 16 hrs y do you care if you do not enjoy those things Personally, I enjoy smoking a cigarette. Just because you dont like it doesnt trump everyone else's enjoyment.LIVES ENH 0 TRUMP es Made DEPLORABLES POLICE LIVES MATTER PLOR LAW&ORDER TRUMP LIVES VOTE TRUMP OOK TWICE-SAVE A LIFE MOTORCYCLES ARE EVERYWHERE Funny, Goals, and Money: Tweet buttercup If I see that ur working towards ur goals and u simply don't have money, I'm okay with u not spending a single cent on me. 8/1/15, PM RT @Comedy Pics: She's the real MVP for this V0XCwul CP Animals, Love, and Mahatma Gandhi: Never apologize for being correct, or for being ahead of your time. That showed me you were a real entity and it wasn't just some shit messing with my mind." Blossom still bared an agitated look and began to ask a series of questions to Bubbles. It felt like I just left the house five minutes ago!

If you're right and you know it, speak your mind.

Il explained it to you and then you start freaking out trying to change the subject because you didnt like my answer? I can't even argue with this level of stupidity Like Reply 14 hrs here was the subject changed? Like Reply 14 hrs Like Reply 14 hrs I have no need to debate something lve clearly already stated where I stand wth it.

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