The single moms dating diary

17-Jul-2016 03:13

Several years ago, I knew the idea of having kids was becoming less of a thought and hopefully, a near reality.

I kept putting it off, saying that I wouldn’t get pregnant until I had lost some weight.

I’m lazy about fitness when I’m not pregnant, and when I’m pregnant, hoisting myself out of the bathtub should earn me the Olympic medal. it doesn’t, and I know that the more I move, the better it is for ME and baby. My first pregnancy I got away with wearing my usual stretchy clothes until I was about 25 weeks.

This pregnancy, the bump showed up loud and proud around 10 weeks, and I was rockin’ my maternity jeans pretty early on.

You may unfortunately have some snide comments made to you about your weight, because weight seems to be one of the last socially acceptable conditions to make fun of.Old Navy has maternity that goes up to a generous XXL, which works well in their jersey knits, cottons, and spandex materials. I see it in the plus-size mom groups all the time – moms who say they regret not doing maternity photos.

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