Tease and dating

04-Dec-2016 11:09

I mean, if you knew how to flirt and tease her already, would you need to read the stupid article in the first place? So let me break down the art of flirting when it comes to seduction for you.

The reason why I’m asking you WHY you flirt is because of this: You want to make sure you get ONE result out of the interaction. To get her SEXUALLY ATTRATED to you so much so that she’ll take her panties off for you.

In a culture that is so devoid of human contact, let sex serve as the ultimate human interacting.

If you’re wondering what it really takes to flirt with a woman and then get her sexually attracted to you, then keep reading…Don’t you just hate it when you read an article about dating and it tells you “just flirt with her” or “just tease her”, but then they don’t seem to give you any guidance on how to do it? I see lot of guys who miss this point and end up teasing the woman they are interested into crying or even worse – they don’t tease at all and end up in the FRIEND ZONE.

So to make sure you don’t end up like a loser who TRIES to flirt but fails, make your flirting interaction do these things for you:1.

Test the waters – many guys are totally oblivious to the clues of female attraction that a woman gives off. But what I discovered was with the correct usage of flirting you can actually gauge her interest level in you. I wonder how much she likes me”, you use the way your flirt as a tool to measure her interest. If you flirt with her and she in any way shape or form responds in a positive way (that is she doesn’t reject you and kind of accepts you) then you have a chance!

We want what we want, and we want it now, and we can't and won't f*cking wait for it.

We have easy access to absolutely everything: food, relationships, clothes, sex, entertainment,“news.”The world is at our fingertips.

I mean, think about it, only people she is close with will tease and playfully banter with her.

Disclaimer: I'm a sex-positive lady who -- in NO way -- is here to shame women and men for having sex right away (to each their sexual own); that's not what this conversation is about.