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15-Mar-2017 11:39

That alone can make you feel unsafe — add groups of men lurking around, possibly staring at you, and tuk tuk drivers driving through dark alleys, and it can be hard not to imagine gruesome things ahead.It is always best to travel with at least one companion, but if you are by yourself, remember that whatever feels unsafe, such as walking in dark alleys, being excessively intoxicated, and so on, is wise to avoid.

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The kind of precautions to be taken varies depending on which part of the island you plan to visit.All women know that there are certain precautions to be taken when travelling to new countries, especially when traveling solo.Sri Lanka is by no means a dangerous country to visit as a woman ‒ for that matter, it is not even on the 2015 International Women’s Travel Centre’s list of ‘So if you are reading this list and want to come here, or already have a trip planned – that is awesome!Editor’s note: Elina Sundqvist is a journalist intern from Sweden, who recently spent time traveling and working in Sri Lanka.

We are happy to hear her thoughts on useful tips for women travellers to the island, and welcome her insight as a foreign traveller.

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country with plenty of things to see and do.