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Take time to pray before God about how you see yourself, asking Him to shape your self-identity around the truths He presents to you in His Word.

You may find that keeping a spiritual journal will help you in this process.

We might say that our Christian pilgrimage on earth reverses this movement.

Almost from the opening word of his first letter, the apostle Peter lets us know that believers are just ""passing through"" this world.

TODAY ALONG THE WAY We can't afford to forget that this world is just a ""rest stop"" for us on the way to our true home.

So how do you know if you're really living in the light of this truth?

They eke out a hard existence, either as rootless nomads living in tents across the Middle East and North Africa or as cultivators who have gravitated into a more settled life in concrete and stone structures.” O’Brien goes on to say that, even for Bedouins who live in houses, “their nomadic past shapes and dominates their mindset and worldview.” As Christians living in this world, we’re much like these modern-day Bedouins.

Although most of us live in homes and not in tents, spiritually speaking we’re nomads and aliens whose mindset and worldview need to be shaped by this reality.

- 1 Peter 1:1-2 TODAY IN THE WORD The ritual of naming in the Native American tradition conveys an understanding of the power and expectations in the name a person receives.

As with Peter, so with followers of Christ: who we are is determined by whom we belong to. Today's passage encourages us to think theologically about our identity.

Our relationship with God determines our identity as His people. We may perform many tasks, experience many rejections, or wrestle with past sins; but 1 Peter reminds us that our identity is grounded in our calling and acceptance by God.

The apostle addressed his readers as “strangers in the world” (v.

1), a spiritual reality for people whose true citizenship was in heaven (Phil. As such, they were subject to the misunderstanding, threats, insults, persecution, and other abuse that a pagan culture often inflicts on followers of Christ.In 1 Peter , he even refers to God's people as ""aliens"" on earth.

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