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They note a difference between, on the one hand, creative play enabled (for example), by remixing content, and on the other hand, “creating new knowledge.” In so doing their discussion of theoretical perspectives on uses of the World Wide Web as an educational tool identifies an important tension: the “challenge” of “defining what counts as ‘valid or legitimate or desirable’ forms of understanding and creativity in current contexts” [6].This paper extends this same research trajectory into what Langlois (2014) calls “the age of social media,” arguing for the creative potential of reading on social media platforms and addressing the same challenges identified by Greenhow, This paper’s focus is Facebook, currently the most widely used example of social media.

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CSD is an inflection of Deleuze-Guattarian ideas on thinking.This paper is about the potential of implementing CSD in Facebook. It is a massive content platform and a “social operating system” with an emphasis on “creating, developing and sustaining human relationships” [4], but also for reading.It is where billions of people find news, current affairs, sports and more. We read quickly and at a distance, because of speed, pressure of time and more content, all displayed on tiny screens.According to current sources, there are more than 1,500 posts of content per week in the average user’s network of friends, followers, groups and pages followed (Oremus, 2016).

The average user sees about 100 stories per day (pieces of content) in their News Feed (Kolowich, 2016).

In part two, with this vision of Facebook in the background, CSD is unpacked.