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There is a seven-school overlap of membership between the two groups.

Lawrenceville was additionally formerly a member of the G20 Schools group.

Among Lawrenceville's prominent teachers over the years have been Thornton Wilder, a three-time Pulitzer Prize–winning author, who taught French at the School in the 1920s; R.

Inslee Clark Jr., who revolutionized Ivy League admissions at Yale in the 1960s; and Thomas H. Lawrenceville was all-male until the Board of Trustees voted to make the school coeducational in 1985.

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An 18-acre (7.3 ha) area of the campus built then, including numerous buildings, has been designated a U. National Historic Landmark District, known as the Lawrenceville School National Historic Landmark.In the publication's five years of rankings, that was the first time Lawrenceville was not the top-ranked school.

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