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For a list of those types of groups, please see the ‘Which Meetup groups are affected and how? Certain groups that do not align, or cannot align, with our policies will be closed.If this is the case, the organizer will generally be notified at least 7 days before their group is closed.

Clear, specific group descriptions and titles help us find the right members for your group.

We will contact organizers who continue to post these types of events.

Meetup supports activities that are built on civility, respect, and most of all, mutual consent.

The majority of a Meetup group’s events should be in-person and hosted by a local organizer.

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Meetup is not intended for groups primarily offering online meetings, conference calls, or webinars with no in-person or real-life interaction.

With these changes, some things that used to be allowed on Meetup are no longer permitted.