Spatial updating

21-Apr-2017 06:54

Correlations between estimated size and physical size were high.

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If spatial updating and episodic memory rely on the same network, only the updating condition should interfere with source recall. A second experiment using a semantic memory task instead of source recall showed no interference effect.Recent models suggest that spatial updating of position with self-motion is a key component of remembering.In the first experiment, participants simultaneously performed a spatial task and a source recall.Motion of the body led to a reduction of alpha band power in central parietal areas extending to lateral parieto-temporal areas, irrespective of whether the targets had to be memorized relative to world or body.

When updating a world-fixed target, its internal representation shifts hemispheres, only when subjects' behavioral responses suggested an update across the body midline.► Egocentric-allocentric combination occurs after eye movement induced updating.