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05-Jul-2016 08:00

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youre a two dollar whore whos pissed you didnt get to ride some bone!

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You’d think that a Catholic country would be inhibited, repressed and boring. After 15 hours sitting in a plane, I walked into the humid city of Manila, capital city of the Philippines. The city roared around me like only Asian metropolises can. We zoomed past towering coconut trees, green rice fields and rickety motorcycles on the highway. For as little as 2000 pesos ( USD), you can take one of these gorgeous girls home for a whole night. You walk into the bar, you buy a drink and various girls approach. Some of them are bar-girls, but most of them are normal girls.But in other countries where people just have casual sex at weekends out from being drunk is no different situation.You just showed your ignorance by writing this article.I have been to many parts of the world and I can definitely say, no women are as easy or as eager to jump into bed as Filipinas. I do like actresses, models, and college students and graduates.

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Fortunately for me, almost all local-born Filipina celebrities are or have been available for a price.(CC: Image Shack) (Reply) This article is disgusting.

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