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There are few enemies who can withstand this tactic, as the Space Marines will land in and amongst places that only moments before were considered a safe haven.

After a Drop Pod is used it will remain on the battlefield until it can be retrieved by the Chapter's Techmarines, usually by use of a Thunderhawk Transporter.

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A smaller variant of the standard pattern Drop Pod, this variant carries only a single squad of 10 Space Marines into combat.

Drop Pods resemble the standard Imperial Life Pod that is used to evacuate the crews of severely damaged starships.

These craft are used as a one-way, environmentally sealed armoured landing craft to insert forces right into the heart of a battle or deep behind enemy lines.

These very small variants of the standard Drop Pod are capable of delivering a single person to the battlefield, and are usually used to deliver important Astartes officers such as Captains or Librarians to the planet's surface.

These small spacecraft can also deliver other needed cargo such as special wargear or even Servitors if needed.

The Dreadnought Drop Pod was developed alongside the more common Legion Drop Pod in general service at the time of the Great Crusade, specifically designed Dreadnought Drop Pods, such as the Lucius Pattern Heavy Drop Pod, were somewhat larger than the standard Drop Pods of the Legiones Astartes and had a more powerful engine, allowing for a dangerously meteoric descent to the battlefield.

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