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Even as Abeer is being raped, a Coca-Cola advertisement looms crazily over her attacker’s shoulder. 12) is both memoir and fiction, alternating between the stories of Radwa and Shagar: two women born the same day, one a (real) professor of literature, one a (shadow) professor of history.A discussion of Egyptian literature and history while also participating and playing with it.13) by Rasha al-Ameer, trans. This is a dense, interesting philosophical novel in which the narrator, an imam, changes as he writes his memoir, a tribute to the one he loves.This acclaimed novel, originally published in Arabic in 2002, doesn’t just tackle the content of Lebanese women’s lives.Its form—esque, interlinked tales—is also womanish. The action doesn’t follow the forward-marching masculine world of politics and business.As Eyad Houssami writes, this novel’s crudeness is also what makes it witty and entertaining.7)by Radwa Ashour, trans. One of Ashour’s most popular and enjoyable novels, a multigenerational epic about the many travels of a Palestininan woman trying to tell her story and keep together her family.

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Indeed, throughout the book, there is an absurd all-pervasiveness to global corporate brands such as Coca-Cola, Always and Starbucks.

an exploration of post-2011 Egypt originally published in 2013 – is a work of magico-political realism, the literary child of Egyptian Nobel Prize winner Naguib Mahfouz and English writer George Orwell, with a bonus: Abdel Aziz is one of the few to really write down the details of Egyptian women’s lives and to craft female characters who come from a wide variety of social classes.

If you need them: 5 more reasons to read this book.2) has the distinction of being the only book by a woman to have won (well, co-won) the International Prize for Arabic Fiction.

It was also named by the Arab Writers Union as one of the Top 105 books of the 21st century.

More of al-Shaykh’s novels I devoured as a teenager that are less clear in my mind except that I loved them:(22)by Alifa Rifaat, trans. This slight short-story collection is Rifaat’s only literary production gathered together into a book.

Read an excerpt.9) — they are mostly women, men having died or disappeared — find memories of their home country, Iraq, painful. As one character says, “we’re eager to torture ourselves and whip our souls” with recollections “for reasons we don’t understand.” The novel’s foreground action is set in Jordan, just after the First Gulf War in 1991.