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I think that sitting too high up can substantially reduce the target zone on the deer and probably leads to a large number of arrows getting lodged in the shoulder.

You should have one pin at 20 and one at 30 others can be set at 40,50, 60 if so desired, but it eliminates any holdover errors. Even if I hunted pines I'm not sure I would want my platform over 20' ever.

Far more accurate.a dog if you think you hit the vitals give the deer at least 30 mins to pass. If you hit the deer outside of the vitals, like a little back then it will probably still die. Walking up on a deer that is dieing the deer will hear you and keep running. I think people over estimate the height they hunt from.

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Much better to find a "good" stand site at some other point along a promising trail than to spook deer by trying to force a poor stand location to work.

By letting the available trees and cover guide my stand location and height I have successfully hunted from stands as low as 9' and as high as 20', but most of my stands are placed around 15'.

It can be harder, but with practice at watching the deer's eyes and body language, you can become good at it. Killed a nice buck and an anterless deer from a stand 15 feet at best.

Let the circumstances determine what is best, not what somebody else always does. Best bet for accuracy is to buy a good sight with multiple pins like one of the Boss Hogg sights. In Missouri I hunt a lot of oak forests and thickets. (7 - 10 steps) Any higher and I would be blocked by tree limbs from all of the oaks.A suitable tree is not simply on that is easily climbed.