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14-Oct-2017 22:15

“There are a number of things we can monetize,” Marcus said, pointing to the fact that We Chat users do everything from hailing cabs to exchanging business cards through the app.

Lastly, as The Information reported in October, Snapchat has big plans for its own We Chat-like platform strategy.

In terms of a core product, Snapchat is a tough sell to be a portal for other apps.

Disappearing pictures and video don’t exactly lend themselves to things like bank account management and e-commerce transactions. “What if you were drunk and you accidentally sent someone 0? It’s possible that Snapchat will figure out how to integrate more serious, permanent types of products into its platform.

Celebrities record morning wake up greetings for the We Chat users who pay to receive them.

We Chat has, in part, inspired the current messaging app explosion.

But there’s one big obstacle standing in its way: Most people have never even heard of [company]Kik[/company].

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Kakao Talk actually just went public by purchasing Korea’s second largest internet company, which was already public.It’s what Facebook would look like today if it had been built mobile first and succeeded with its platform efforts (neither of which are true).The company takes a cut of many of the transactions on its platform, in addition to making money by selling stickers.Now, four years since its launch, Kik is positioning itself as America’s version of We Chat, the messaging behemoth of China. If it succeeds, it stands to become the portal for the mobile economy, much like [company]We Chat[/company] did in China.

It believes it has the right product (text messaging, the old-fashioned kind) and the right audience (almost half of U. It could make a windfall of cash off brand and app partnerships and lead the way for the next generation of social networking.

That is both the promise and the challenge of Kik, a messaging app built by Waterloo students in 2009.

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