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Developing a positive self-image and high regard for YOU is the first step in achieving ultimate triumph in whatever it is you seek.

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As a psychotherapist and lifetime California Teaching Credential holder, I work with schools, physicians, and other professionals to optimize the lives of children and teens, utilizing positive and encouraging problem-solving strategies.""I specialize in developing strategies for solving problems with communication, decisions about divorce, sexual difficulties, and other painful issues couples experience in their relationship.

I motivate, encourage and support my clients to make choices that improve their lives, relationships and overall well being.""I focus on dynamic therapy techniques of assisting individuals in self actualizing (striving for and reaching personal and professional goals) to the extent of their interests and abilities, not the expectations set by others.

I specialize in working with depression, anxiety, concerns related to weight and body image, and the life challenges that affect all of us on a regular basis.

Her wide multicultural experiences overseas has strengthen her ability to incorporate family and cultural dynamics to current life events and challenges.

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She is fluent in few Indian dialects along with her proficiency in Hindi. Bawari received her doctorate in Clinical psychology from Florida Tech and completed her internship and fellowship in Clinical and Forensic Psychology.""Dr.If you are constantly at odds with your children, spouse, or yourself I can help you strengthen these precious relationships.""I provide clients with real life tools and aid them in developing effective strategies to cope with life issues.

defeat, get the better of, overcome - win a victory over; "You must overcome all difficulties"; "defeat your enemies"; "He overcame his shyness"; "He overcame his infirmity"; "Her anger got the better of her and she blew up"irritate, annoy, anger, madden, get (informal), bug (informal), aggravate (informal), gall, exasperate, nettle, vex, irk, rile, peeve, get under someone's skin (informal), get someone's back up, piss someone off (taboo slang), put someone's back up, nark (Brit., Austral., & N. slang), get someone's goat (slang), make someone's blood boil, get someone's dander up (informal)It's not the first time my Dr Google diagnosis has been wrong - although at least this time I didn't start booking the funeral home - but it turned out Jesse had impetigo, probably caused by over-zealous or injury as result of a fall or fight * Upper respiratory tract infections, or infections in the nose or sinuses * Temperature changes - going from the bitter cold to being warm indoors * Haematological disorders like blood clotting can promote or prolong nosebleeds * Regular consumption of drugs such as aspirin and anticoagulants * In very serious cases some cancers can cause nosebleeds * Illegal drug abuse like the use of cocaine * Hypertension (high blood pressure) WHAT COMMON HEALTH PROBLEMS ARE ASSOCIATED WITH GETTING ONE?… continue reading »

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