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It is probably even more important than South Carolina in the history of special contact languages in this country, and in the total historical picture it rivals even an unusually complex West Indian island like Curacao.The key word for much of this kind of language complexity is , the term has long been used in Louisiana for those of mixed ancestry.Some are trilingual (French Creole-Cajun French-English, Croatian-French-English, or "Excerpt, Yeah, You Rite!New Orleans language is just one thing that is unique to the city's culture and lifestyle.To these we can add many dialects of French, Spanish, and English.In the latter case, for example, there are large numbers of Cajun English and black English speakers as well as a variety of rural Anglo dialects from the Tidewater-influenced Florida Parishes to the Upland South areas of north Louisiana.- and whether the total influence of French in Louisiana has been as great.However, in the richness of the special contact situations worked out for long-term multilingualism, Louisiana is unique.

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Professor Dillard of Northwestern State University in Natchitoches is an internationally known linguist with specialties in black English and the origins of creole languages.

He is the author of (1977), among other books and articles.

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