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13-Nov-2017 07:56

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I had never planned to lose my virginity to a guy—let alone Rob.

I planned to pretend to be straight for as long as possible.

Are you single in Newport and searching for a single woman that is looking to find a someone like you?

Or are you just trying to find a new friend to go fly a kite with at the park this weekend?

He was everything I wasn't: outgoing, athletic, popular (at least more than I was).

He could make my heart race, palms sweat, feel nauseous and excited all at the same time just by smiling at me.

I kept my homosexuality a secret because I was mainly scared of what would happen to me and my family.

It seemed like it was a crime to be gay and a death sentence to be African American and gay.

I didn't feel alone because Rob hadn't had sex yet either.After all, the media does not want to appear too biased in their support of their favorite country, the old Soviet Union. He faces an issue that will decide if he has a presidency or if he leaves the office in disgrace.