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Not a long time after that Fletcher was caught up in the Jessica Hahn/Jim Bakker/PTL scandal and hes was seen on national TV a "broken man" and Jessica Hahn was eating his lunch out of her anger.The "Tower" incident you speak of was due to the fact it came from a Tampa, Fl T.He called himself an Ordained Minister, should have been a Sailor, he had the language down pat.I met the girl( lady now) in question omce, and saw her a few times at the office's when we had mtgs about the Doomed Tower".V.station that had sat in a field for over 20 yrs, in salty air( rust inhibitor) and was overpriced when purchased. It had a 6' face, and was a Tri-Angular w/ a center pin for main bolt-down. Hopkins county, and was a 1100' tower w/ a 60'pylon mast on top.We( Swagger-Telpax) had stacked the little 275' Tower at the church in 1980, and we were asked to come back and stack this one out.We have been doing Radio/Television towers for close to 60yrs, and this was the first time we saw such bad practices from 'Religeous" people.Pastor Stalls was OK with the tower being at 625', but Johnny threw tantrums and had cursing fits of rage at the tower site, and in the offices.

What a terrible thing, to prey upon a trusting young girl.I never liked John Price, always thought he was a pompous ass and his "victim" was a very arrogant person who believed she was truly above reproach. One time they asked for money to send hin to the Bahamas to a 'Christian meeting'at a hotel, I think he went.

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