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An animatronic character depicting a science professor in a research lab, dubbed "Dr.

Crawley", tells visitors that, due to the variation and complexity of bug species, they could not have evolved naturally but must have been created by God.

The second room of the Creation Museum, for example, displays a model prehistoric Utahraptor, stating that the species was featherless and had no connection to birds, referring to Genesis 1, which states that birds were created before the advent of land animals.

Two actors meant to represent the paleontologists are displayed on television screens mounted nearby; one explains that he believes that the creature died in a local flood millions of years earlier, while the other surmises that the creature died in the biblical Great Flood about 4,300 years earlier.

Proponents of other religious beliefs about the Universe's origins—including old Earth creationism, theistic evolution, and intelligent design—have said that its rejection of scientific consensus damages the credibility of Christianity and its adherents.

Tenets of Young Earth creationism enjoy substantial support among the general population in the United States, however, contributing to the museum's popularity.

And we're not out to just convert people to being Creationists.

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Scientists and educators have criticized the museum for misrepresenting science and expressed concerns that it could have a negative impact on science education.Displays at the Creation Museum present AIG's views of the world.Left: "7 C's in God's Eternal Plan": Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross, Consummation.The second series of rooms depict a literal interpretation of the Book of Genesis, arranged around the concept of "The Seven C's of History": creation, corruption, catastrophe, confusion, Christ, cross, and consummation.

An April 2006 report in the Chicago Tribune noted that this area also features noxious odors and increased temperatures, and Ai G General Manager Mike Zovath told the paper that the intent was to make it "the most uncomfortable place in the museum to show how original sin has corrupted the universe".Nevertheless, a Sunday Independent columnist said in 2007 that "there are plenty of Americans ready to embrace Ham and support his museum", citing the fact that the million museum was entirely privately funded, and citing a Gallup public opinion poll showing widespread belief among Americans in biblical accounts of human origins.

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