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25-Oct-2016 19:50

The posture and language of revolution has been adopted by others, too, like actress Rose Mc Gowan, another alleged victim of sexual assault by Weinstein.At last week’s Women’s Convention in Detroit, Mc Gowan declared: “Join me. ” What’s unfolding, women’s rights advocates say, is a rolling reckoning that’s gaining steam with every new revelation of sexual harassment.If you , introduce yourself and play nice, I'll host you. If you appear to be raised by wolves, don't bother me. NEW YORK (AP) — In the three weeks since the string of allegations against Harvey Weinstein first began, an ongoing domino effect has tumbled through not just Hollywood but at least a dozen other industries. Nearly every day has brought new allegations of sexual harassment, assault or misconduct, and subsequent firings, dismissals or the distancing of men in various stations of power, from highly regarded media pundits to celebrity chefs.“There is no turning back,” Asia Argento said Wednesday on Twitter.Sari Kamin was one of 38 women who came forward to the Los Angeles Times to say that the director James Toback sexually harassed her by luring her with the possibility of a film role.

Another woman spoke and then another woman spoke and there was action. It told me not only that people were listening but that they wanted to do something — that they want to stand up and say: ‘No more.’ That was a powerful thing to tap into.” An air of “who’s next” has settled over not just Hollywood, but elsewhere, too.Get in line and communicate with me like I tell you and you can get great head from the Master.