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While serving there, Casey was informed that he had not qualified to train with Special Operations Command, and immediately after receiving this news was recruited into the NSA by Colonel James Keller.

"Chuck Versus the Tic Tac" reveals that Casey served in the Marine Corps as Alex Coburn and had a fiancée named Kathleen Mc Hugh. Keller ordered Casey to fake his death, requiring him to give up his life and Kathleen, whom he did not know was pregnant at the time.

"Chuck Versus the Tic Tac" reveals that his real name is Alexander Coburn (Chuck had flashed on this name in a previous episode, but the face is redacted and Casey cautions him not to dig further) and that under the command of Col.

James Keller, he faked his death and was given a new identity of John Casey.

In his life, a man can change wives, political parties or religions but he cannot change his favourite soccer team. You don’t have to have been a horse to be a jockey. If you’re attacking, you don’t get as tired as when you’re chasing.

– Wayne Rooney [WPGP gif_id=”1536″ width=”600″] 16.

In a second-season episode, Casey was shown calling someone he referred to as his mother, but considering the situation and the fact that he referred to himself as "Johnny Boy," it seems he was speaking in code.

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Honestly, I like someone who is really grounded, super sweet, honest. I need them to laugh at what's funny, I need them to get jokes and be funny and be witty and sarcastic.

Novelist George Orwell is one rare such voice that has resounded through every political era since the nineteenth century.

His two most famous works – the allegorical satire of the Soviet Union, ‘Animal Farm', and Nineteen Eighty-Four – have gone down in history as masterpieces in political commentary.

"Chuck Versus the Fake Name" reveals that Casey is a world-class sniper, and it is confirmed two episodes later that he began his career as a hot-shot Marine sniper.

He served as a Lieutenant in a Marine amphibious force in Honduras in January 1989.It’s no wonder that so many soccer players have given us as many off the field gems as they have on the field.