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19-Apr-2017 10:25

But Channel 4 defended its decision to go ahead in screening the documentary.

Die Klamotten und der Stil sich auch nicht als Zurschaustellung von Modelabelsgeeignet. Es ist leider symptomatisch, dass jeder mit belanglosen provokanten Texten zu monotoner Musik sich in Deutschland "Rapper" nennen!

Diana also revealed that she approached the Queen, described as “the top lady”, for advice. Penny Junor, the Royal biographer who has previously written about the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William and Prince Harry also condemned the decision to broadcast the tapes.

“I went to the top lady, sobbing,” she explains in the tape. She told that the documentary was “another way of exploiting Diana” and that it was not what either Prince Charles or his children would have wanted.

Im Mutterland des Raps würde man diese Typen allesamt auslachen, denn Rap ist nicht irgendwelche Texte unter der Gürtellinie gepaart mit Möchtegerne "Gangsta" Image zu zitieren!

Deutschland hatte und hat bis jetzt keinen ernstzunehmenden Rapper!Describing the moment she confronted the future king about She also claimed that the Duke of Edinburgh told his son that he could have an affair with Camilla if his marriage had failed after a set period. They were returned to him after a lengthy One of Diana’s closest friends, Rosa Monckton, also told the paper: “How intrusive is this? Footage taken from the tapes has already been shown in a documentary broadcast in the US 13 years ago, but it was never screened in the UK.