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Securities Fraud Class Actions (Total as of latest update = 39): 1. Amkor Technology (see discussion of this case here) 3.

Newpark Resources (see discussion of this case here) 24. Pain Care Holdings (see discussion of this case here).

Readers interested in keeping up to date on the number of lawsuits will want to check back frequently.

The running tallies below are meant to include a listing of any company that has been sued based on allegations of options timing manipulations, regardless whether the allegations are based on options backdating, options springloading, or hiring-related options timing.

Rod Mc Queen: Mike would be the first to tell you there is no single “a-ha” moment.

There is only an idea, persistence, bright colleagues, and a little luck along the way.

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In 1992, RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis hired a thirty one year old Harvard MBA named Jim Balsillie as vice-president of business development.In 1987, while in Japan, Mike saw a wireless system that monitored vending machines and told drivers when the machines needed refilling.

De hecho, gracias a él me he librado de la explotación que sufren otras modelos ya que estar en el negocio implica el pago a terceros. El otro, el dueño del estudio, que se queda con el resto del porcentaje y decide con cuánto se queda la modelo. Aunque una sea bonita no necesariamente le va a ir bien, pues se requiere de una actitud y dejar ciertos valores.… continue reading »

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