Raphael german dating

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Lev Raphael: Both of them spoke German, but my mother was Polish and my father was Czech.

Nazi occupation soldiers confined my mother to the Vilna Ghetto (now Vilnius in Lithuania), and subsequently moved her to concentration camps near Riga and Danzig until she was sent to a slave labor camp in Magdeburg (in eastern Germany).

In 1940 after the German occupation of Paris, Raphaël was interned at the camp at Gurs.

His methodology was based on what he considered a scientific ("empirical") approach to art rather than a sociological one (Tagg).

He asserted that everything necessary to analyze the work of art could (and should) be gleaned from the elements in the picture alone. Raphaël's visual reading was imbued with the implicit actions of the figure and subject from a psychological and class-based criteria of the subject and viewer.

After the war, the couple reunited and they both lived off of her meager earnings as an office cleaner.

In New York, Raphaël studied principally early ancient art and authoring a manuscript on the rise of German industry.Raphaël's Marxism was primarily intellectual; he was not politically engaged, believing that his writings could change society (Doy).