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I was out way before I did the show and never thought I’d be interviewed or on TV.I remember a Showtime publicist saying, ‘You don’t have to do this’ and thinking, ‘Why would I want to go back in the closet now?’ It was so hard to come out and such a good thing to do, especially the nature of the show was all about this.Growing up, I didn’t have many people who were out, so it was important for me to be one of those people if I ever had the chance.” Harrison is amazed by the recent amount of change that’s happened since “Queer” and hopeful, but says he and his cast members “joke about how we’re the black sheep of gayness because we never get mentioned like ‘Will and Grace’ or ‘Ellen.’ Everybody seems to ignore the fact that we ever happened.Sometimes pictures pop of me on the subway, reading sides for my auditions, and that makes you feel violated, but generally they’re lovely supportive people who come to see my shows and those of people I’ve worked with.I don’t get recognized often anymore, but that depends on where I am.It lasted five years, a really good gig in Toronto, which was a blessing and a curse. We were all displaced and for most of us, it was our first big job, so we bonded.The crew was amazing and we had great Canadian independent film directors.

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Five years down the line, though, you’re like, ‘Are you fucking serious? ’ I was happy to do it, but I will never do a show with that kind of sexual content again, done with that.” Harrison has a partner but wasn’t into talking about him “because I talked about my relationships in the past and got attacked.

“It’s about Heather Jones, who has been dropped from her label, is divorced and a single mom with two kids, and makes the decision to change her act.

But her manager, Joe [Frederick Weller, who did a workshop of ‘The Bodyguard’ musical with Goldsberry], doesn’t agree with her decision to let her hair grow, tell how old she is, and talk about being a single mom and her frustrating relationships with men — nothing marketable.” The show was not well reviewed in 1978, but producer Joe Papp believed in it and it became an audience success, which spoke for a generation of women, many of whom Goldsberry is meeting, who know every word of it and are thrilled it’s being revived.

Much more so than for the original UK version of the show, which I don’t think got out of that country much, and we also apparently have a big fan base in South and Central America.” I went to an early New York Times sponsored “Queer” event and was startled by how the fans took it: “Yeah, it was their life.

They thought we were the characters, but now it’s maybe been a long enough time and I’ve aged enough. “I never had any real bad stalkers but I do get scared when people get your home address and it’s on the Internet.It was easy in the beginning because I felt like it was so important that there be this visibility and gay sexuality put on TV so people could see it, especially those who were coming out.

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