Raila dating shebesh

05-Feb-2017 07:37

But my mind I will speak openly as enshrined in the constitution and no law can take that away from me. The LORD spoke to me very extensively about the Raila Odinga home and family on 28th July 2014 (5 months ago).

Keep strong ACCURATE FULFILLMENT OF THE PROPHESY OF A DISTRESS AND A JUDGMENT OF THE LORD COMING TO THE HOME (FAMILY) OF Raila Odinga IN THE NATION OF KENYA AS RAILA’S ELDEST SON FIDEL ODINGA SHOCKINGLY DIES UNDER MYSTERIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES AFTER A NIGHT OUT IN NAIROBI, KENYA the 4th January 2015, The nation of Kenya has woken up to a very shocking and a very unfortunate news; the news that the eldest son and first born child of the Kenyan opposition leader, who is also a former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Fidel Odinga (the son) has died after what has been reported to be a night out in The Kenyan Capital city of Nairobi.

Trust me I felt happier than Mama Fidel (Ida Odinga) after she received that PDA on Wednesday. Give me a sign; I wouldn’t mind being branded the `prophetess of truth’. Among these ten people who r u for, work it out uaself Take a number between 1_9 _Then moltiply by 3 _Add 3 _Multyply by 3 again _You will find a two or a three digits add them for example 22 is 2 plus 2 you get 4 Work it out and get your FAVOURITE FROM THE PEOPLE BELLOW 1 uhuru kenyatta 2 Raila Odinga 3 ida odinga 4 justice mutunga 5 mwai kibaki 6 lucy kibaki 7 nelson mandela 8 kenneth marende 9 Maurice Onyango 10 jakaya kikwetegets a big boost!

Talking of PDA’s, your mother and grandmother and great grandmother instilled the spirit of big wigs expressing love to their better halves in public. Now that your mother will soon be dead, let me be the first to send my condolences, we ... Otieno Kajwang seems not to be relenting, Let him be advised we are not relenting X 20!

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To add salt to injury, word has it that Shebesh and the ODM flag bearer once travelled abroad where they booked a hotel far away from the other honorables who had accompanied them for the visit. When Moi said kanu will Rule for 100 years "That marked the beggining of Kanu"s fall" When designer of Titanic told Jounalists that even God could not sink it'the ship was doomed from then on" When Ida Odinga mocked Lucy kibaki to start showing her around State House " That was the the end of her dream"When Raila Odinga said that ODM is a giant ship that nobody can sink "He lost it "Pride comes before a fall...

On the other hand, Raila is often seen hanging out with either Shebesh or his wife Ida – be it in political rallies or normal events.

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