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The similarities are seemingly endless—you should never be too eager, and you have to remember that looks can be deceiving. Nothing is gained from a potential buyer peering into a photo of a barren corner. Hannah Walker, vice president of IMOTO Real Estate Photography, says you should photograph "at least two corners of a room" to get a sense of space and design.

That's never more true than when it comes to presenting your home in real estate listing photos. Not two separate photos of corners, mind you—one photo, two corners. Just take a few steps back and take a wide shot of the whole house, with ceiling fans, but those got-it-from-Home Depot ceiling fans.

Browse through Flickr or websites like the GIMP a try.

Your point and shoot may be more flexible and powerful than you know.

It’s possible to get very nice photos with an inexpensive point and shoot. The more photos you take, the more you’ll know about what kind of camera to get when it’s time to upgrade.

On the other hand, an inexpensive tripod is worth getting, especially if you have shaky hands like mine.

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So give buyers what they want."Open all blinds and curtains to let that natural light into the room," Walker recommends.——— If you can’t stage your home, at least keep it clean. Because it's so important, her firm gives clients a "Pre-Shoot Checklist," which includes tips such as wiping down counters and hiding power cables and trash cans from view.

He lives in Melbourne Australia and is also the editor of the Pro Blogger Blog Tips.

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When I got a tripod, my satisfaction with my shots skyrocketed.

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For even more stability, use your camera’s timer function with a tripod (read our introduction to tripods). If you can keep your equipment relatively simple – just a small camera bag and a tripod – you might be able to take advantage of some of those unexpected opportunities.I will not be saying anything more about our relationship in any setting.'Later, the tennis star admitted it was all for the best, telling OK! Obviously it was hard at the time, but it was a great experience to go through and come out the other end of. Now Caroline's brother Patrick Wozniacki is confirming that his sister has found a new guy, telling Danish tabloid Ekstra Blade: 'I think it's really good.