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Being led by the Spirit of God and having a good working knowledge of His Word is crucial to attaining excellence in character and integrity in our dealings at home, in church, on the job or whatever situation we find ourselves.Etiquette is also studied so that we can explore ways to prefer one another with honor (Romans ).The glorious victory of the saints, the presence of a new heaven and earth, and the final chapter for the enemy are all packaged in this wonderful review of the last book of the Bible.

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Über die Forschung hinaus mehr auf die breite Anwendung neuer Technologien setzen, Leitkunden und Leitmärkte für neue Technologien mit kluger Investitionspolitik fördern und Unternehmertum mit attraktiven Rahmenbedingungen stimulieren.This is to give students Scriptural background of the lifestyle of the early church and how those principles are exercised in today's church society.